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Bend in the Barrow

Morning Mint - Morning Wake-up

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Wake up and smell the soap!

Our most popular and invigorating Morning Mint soap is designed as a morning shower wake-up.  As many of our customers have discovered, once tried it's amazing fragrance and lather will become a must have addition to your morning routine.

Handmade by ourselves, Morning Mint in addition to its zingy eye opening fragrance also provides beneficial moisture to the skin. Its natural zesty fragrance is provided by a blend of peppermint and may chang essential oils. May chang is an Asian citrus tree with a lovely lemony scent.

Bend in the Barrow - Vegan - Made in Ireland

All of our products are both Vegan and made near the banks of the Barrow River in County Kildare, Ireland. We always endeavour to employ ethical and earth friendly practices.


Coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, french clay. Essential oils: peppermint, may chang.